Episode 016: I’m Starting Over (with guest Suzie)


On this episode we had a chance to sit down with one of our dearest and longtime friends, Suzie. At only the age of 23 Suzie was a divorced, single parent of a two-year old and living at home with her parents. Now 26, Suzie sits down with the crew to talk about life right after her divorce. Being a stay-at-home mom before the divorce she tells us how she made a life for herself and her daughter while being open about her worries and struggles during that time in her life. If you’re looking for gory divorce details or an ex-bashing party you won’t find them here, but if you want to hear an inspirational story of hope and determination then stick around. We also touch on some of the unfortunate judgment that comes from the church and how we need to stop putting on the “Sunday Smile.”