Episode List

Episode 12: I’m a Bad Neighbor

Have you ever had an annoying neighbor? We do. Listen to what happened when Mikey & Jamie were forced to be a bit confrontational when their neighbor showed a serious lack of common courtesy. Mikey & Maegy tell the tale of their recent dentist visit after a combined 17 years without a check-up. Who do you think had to have more work done? You’ll find out! Remember Episode 2: “I’m a Bikini Barista?” There’s been some breaking local news that we key you in on and share our thoughts about. Lastly, Heart-to-Heart Conversations make a return when we answer the question, “If you could have any car/vehicle what would it be?”

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Episode 11: I’m Married, Depressed & Fat

Ok, ok…so none of us are actually in this condition, but somebody said it during the podcast. Who do you think it was? Two of our crew have recently gone back to the gym so in this episode we break down some common gym stereotypes. Listen as Mikey & Jamie try an expired, questionable beer live on the show and then hang out while we discuss different things that remind us we’re actual adults. Do you like the heels on bread, gardening and going to Home Depot? Well then you might be an actual adult too, which means you’re in good company! Come on in and hang out.

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Episode 10: I’m an Outdoor Genius

Jamie & Mikey are back from their weekend backpacking trip and have some stories to share! Maegy quizzes the boys to see who was most prepared for outdoor survival and then the group talks about what era they would have liked to have gone back to live in. Sit back, relax and let us keep you entertained!

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Episode 9: I’m Wishing I Hadn’t Seen That… (with guest Josephine)

In this episode longtime friend Josephine comes for a visit. We talk about what happened to our friendship that caused us not to see each other for over 3 years. You’ll also find out some of those more “sensitive” moments Josephine was present for and which of our hosts she accidentally saw a little too much of. How does each of us respond to being put under for surgery? You’ll find that out! We talk about the good and the negative associations with tattoos. Lastly, we answer the Heart to Heart question, “What’s your most cherished possession?”

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Episode 8: I’m a Starfleet Janitor (with Jamie’s fiancée Danielle)

In this episode we are joined by a special guest, Jamie’s fiancée, Danielle! Jamie gives us some breaking news in the world of space travel which leads to his declaration of future employment, which also happens to be what is probably the funniest segment of one of our podcasts thus far! Danielle and Jamie then get a pre-marital interview. We discuss smartphones and our use of them, healthy or not. We break down some staggering numbers of our home dairy…which is Maegy, and wrap up the episode with another “Keep It or Erase It” from the 1990s where we compare products and choose which one to keep.

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Episode 7: I’m Turning 30!

This episode centers around Mikey’s exodus from his 20s. Find out another bizarre fact about him with his inability to do something that almost all normal functioning adults accomplish easily. We also discuss what “getting older” actually means to us and how our perspectives have changed over the years. We give advice to our “half-aged” selves and talk about what they would think of us now. Rounding out this episode we do some song title association (find out what that means when you take a listen) and end with the group’s rendition of a famous TV show theme song.

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Episode 6: I’m a Terrible Driver

Do you commute? We all do to an extent and this episode is all about being on the road. From observations on road rage, driving oddities, taking the law into our own hands and interesting road trip stories, not much is left off the table here. Find out what Mikey’s irrational fear is as well! We also touch on local grower’s markets and finish off with the Heart-to-Heart question, “What super hero power would you have and why?”

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Episode 5: I’m Beardless (with guest Nate)
Jamie made a mistake this week. He shaved off his beard and the crew gives him a pretty rough time for it. Maegy’s brother and fellow podcaster Nate joins us on the show for the mayhem. Find out why Mikey & Maegy’s cats stopped drinking water and what our first R-rated viewing experiences were. The group makes a panel decision between different products of the 1990s to eliminate in a segment called “Erase-it.” Humdinging returns as the group guesses mystery songs done only through humming. Sit back and let us keep you company! Mikey admits his 7th grade man-crush.

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Episode 4: I’m a Bed Wetter
This episode is all about pee. From Mikey & Maegy’s oldest son turning the whole house into his personal bathroom, to finding out who has bed wetting issues, this episode is “leaking” goodness all over the place! We also talk about short-shorts, topless old men, most embarrassing moments and dollar store “cheese.” The episode wraps up with Mike & Jamie humming mystery songs for Maegy to guess which turns into chaos! Don’t miss out!

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Episode 3: I’m an Addict (with guest Pastor Dale)
It’s a special week for the Middle Life Podcast as we welcome our first ever guest, Pastor Dale! Pastor Dale joins us on May the 4th as we discuss the Star Wars franchise, including stories from Dale about the original 1977 premiere of Episode IV. We then seek to answer a much debated question, “Is cussing a sin?” See what the pastor thinks…it might surprise you! Lastly, Pastor Dale is confronted with and admits his addiction and the crew discusses the similarities and differences of socially acceptable and unacceptable addictions. This episode is jam-packed!

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Episode 2: I’m a Bikini Barista
In this “revealing” episode we start with a Heart 2 Heart Conversation answering the question, “What’s your greatest strength & weakness?” From there we tread the topic of most awkward dating stories. From french-fry meals to dead pets Jamie, Mikey & Maegy share their unforgettable moments. We also take some time to talk about and share our thoughts on what happened to Jamie’s old coffee stand after it was taken over by scantily clad women.

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Episode 1: I’m a Rock Star
In the debut episode you’ll find out the answer to the “age-old” question, “What is ‘Middle Life’?” We take some time getting to know Jamie, Mikey & Maegy and then dive into discussions about what 90’s movie each would star in. In a segment called “20 Years Past,” we flash back to 1994 to talk about pop culture and technology. The episode crosses the finish line with “Bogus Bands” where each host announces their made-up band name “rock star” style in front of a cheering audience!

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